A Tradition of Creativity and Looking Toward the Future

Wherever high precision and complete reliability are required, that is where you will find Fischer measurement technology in action. Since 1953, Helmut Fischer GmbH has been developing high-quality instruments for coating thickness measurement, material analysis, material testing and microhardness testing.

Whether based on magnetic induction, beta backscatter, coulometric or X-ray methodologies, Fischer's extensive product portfolio offers a wide selection of measurement and analysis devices for a diverse span of industrial applications and sectors. Development of the instruments is undertaken in close cooperation with universities and research institutes, and the manufacturing thereof always takes place in Germany. In addition, the company enjoys a worldwide sales network of subsidiaries and highly-qualified business partners; it counts among the leading specialists in the field.

Today, no matter where on the globe you are, the name Fischer stands for cutting-edge technology with the "Made in Germany" seal of quality. The basis for that is Fischer’s ideal mix of knowledge, competence and experience. Its steadily growing technology leadership is due in no small part to the company's strong focus on research and development.

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