Entrepreneur, Visionary, Benefactor

Even as a child, Helmut Fischer was fascinated by the world of natural sciences. As a young person, he demonstrated an unbridled creativity as he pursued "applied physics" by salvaging the radio equipment from old airplane wrecks so that he could re-use their electronics to make functional devices for everyday use.

Curiosity, imagination and a thirst for knowledge were also the driving forces behind his first big career step: in 1953, at the tender age of 22, Helmut Fischer opened his first business in his hometown of Stuttgart.

Quickly recognizing the needs of the burgeoning industrial sector to measure things, he devoted this enterprise to the development and optimization of highly-sensitive measurement instruments. Under the steady hand and astute leadership of its founder and owner, the company became a global success. Today, the innovative measurement technology of the Helmut Fischer Group is used all around the world. Tenacity and a spirit of inquiry are what made Helmut Fischer a successful entrepreneur; 50 years later, it is his magnanimity and sense of duty that have turned him into a benefactor.

Helmut Fischer

With Both Heart and Mind
Without reservation Helmut Fischer transferred his life's work to a foundation, thus ensuring the designated and charitable continuance of his labors. "A foundation makes it possible to marry private corporate success with one’s responsibility to the public," says Helmut Fischer. As usual, he is supported in this by his spouse, Anni Karola Walther, member of the Foundation Board and someone who, in her own right, also made substantial contributions to the company's success.

The Influence of Goethe and Gauß
Besides innovative research projects in the natural sciences, the Helmut Fischer Foundation also funds numerous ventures in the areas of art and culture. This is because Helmut Fischer is not only an enterprising businessman but also a lifelong art collector and avid man of letters. And, just as multifaceted as Helmut Fischer's person is, so are the diverse areas of sponsorship supported by his foundation.

Extending its reach outward from its development and manufacturing center in Germany, today the Helmut Fischer Group is represented by subsidiaries in over 50 countries. Taking this internationality into account, Helmut Fischer also simultaneously formed a second foundation in Switzerland, which is dedicated to upholding the same duties and values there.

Raw materials and milled parts made of aluminum, brass and steel for measuring instruments