Entrepreneur, Visionary, Benefactor

Helmut Fischer was already fascinated by the world of natural sciences as a child. As a teenager, he demonstrated his boundless creativity by engaging in 'applied physics', refurbishing old airplane wrecks to build functional electronic devices for everyday use from their interiors.

Curiosity, imagination, and a thirst for knowledge were also the driving forces behind taking a major professional step: At the young age of 22, Helmut Fischer founded his first company in his hometown of Stuttgart in 1953.

Helmut Fischer quickly recognized the metrological needs of the emerging post-war industry, and thus, his company dedicated itself to the development and optimization of highly sensitive measuring devices. The company was led by the founder and owner with a steady hand and a sharp mind, leading to worldwide success. Today, the innovative measuring technology of the Helmut Fischer Group is used internationally. Persistence and curiosity once made Helmut Fischer a successful entrepreneur. Over decades, he shaped solutions for the field of coating thickness measurement with his fascination for technology, his spirit of innovation, and his creative power — all perfected through his love for statistics. Later, he dedicated his entire entrepreneurial life's work, the Helmut Fischer Group, as a gift to future generations through the foundation, thus dedicating it to the common good. With generosity and a sense of duty, he became a benefactor fifty years later.

Helmut Fischer †

With Both Heart and Mind
Without reservation, Helmut Fischer hands over his life's work to a foundation, thus ensuring the dedicated and charitable continuation of his efforts. He established the charitable Helmut Fischer Foundation in 2003 with the aim of promoting science and research in the field of technological development, as well as the areas of art, culture, and education. A particular concern for him was always, and especially, communication for knowledge dissemination in the field of natural sciences. "With a foundation, private entrepreneurial success can be ideally combined with public responsibility," said Helmut Fischer. He was always supported and accompanied by his wife, Anni Karola Walther, who is a member of the foundation's board of trustees and has made a significant contribution to the success of the Fischer family business.

The Influence of Goethe and Gauß
In addition to supporting innovative research projects in the field of natural sciences, the Helmut Fischer Foundation also promotes numerous projects in the fields of art and culture. Because throughout his life, Helmut Fischer was not only a shrewd businessman but also a passionate art collector and well-read literary connoisseur. Just as multifaceted as the person Helmut Fischer, so diverse are the areas of support of his foundation.

Starting from its research and production base in Germany, the Helmut Fischer Group is now represented in over 50 countries with its own subsidiaries. Taking this international presence into account, Helmut Fischer simultaneously established a foundation in Switzerland dedicated to the same tasks and values. Helmut Fischer passed away on December 9, 2023, at the age of 92. His example will continue to serve as a benchmark and compass for the work of the Helmut Fischer Foundation.

Raw materials and milled parts made of aluminum, brass and steel for measuring instruments