Think Outside the Box, But Act With Purpose

If you take the road less traveled and can bridge topics in your mind, oftentimes a solution will appear out of nowhere. Substantive knowledge combined with curiosity, diligence and far-sightedness can work wonders: not only in the area of science but also in art and literature.

This is why the Helmut Fischer Foundation has joined forces with selected initiatives of various types to help preserve our cultural heritage.

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Research Library in Munich
In 2011, Helmut Fischer donated to the Deutsches Museum Munich an important collection of valuable scientific books that included priceless original editions, especially in the area of physics. His private library comprised, among others, two early versions of Newton's "Principia mathematica"; rare publications by Max Planck, Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr; and significant works by Faraday, Gauß, Helmholtz, Maxwell and Weber.

Also contained in the collection are precious editions of Goethe's Faust, which today are considered masterpieces of the art of book-making. This gift to the Deutsches Museum Munich ensures that this exquisite collection remains accessible to both researchers and the public at large.

The Helmut Fischer Prize for Science Communication of the Deutsches Museum
Since 2015, the Helmut Fischer Prize for Science Communication of the Deutsches Museum is awarded annually in Munich. It distinguishes people who have made outstanding contributions in the area of communicating scientific subjects to a wide audience. Candidate selection, nomination and appointment of the prize winners are conducted by the General Director of the Deutsches Museum and the Foundation Board Chair. In addition to receiving a sum of money, the winners are honored in a celebratory awards ceremony.

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