We Can Help Launch Ideas

The Helmut Fischer Foundation endows professorships, sponsors scholarships, awards research prizes, organizes conferences, and cultivates and presents artworks and literature. Despite this diversity of sponsorship, its impact is sustainable – for both the advancement of science and society as a whole. Special attention is paid to the natural sciences and the investigation of industrial measuring techniques. Not only does this approach form the basis for developing technological innovations, it also sparks passion and enthusiasm for technology.

The Foundation's objectives are achieved through:

  • The funding of university professorships
  • The awarding of doctoral fellowships and study grants
  • Cooperation with research centers and institutes of higher learning
  • The support of charitable organizations
  • The sponsoring of youth development
  • Support for cultural projects
  • Promotion of the arts (painting, literature, sculpture)

If you need support to get your innovative idea off the ground, please contact us!

Raw materials and milled parts made of aluminum, brass and steel for measuring instruments