»Nothing is done while anything remains to do.«

Helmut Fischer

He who invests in the future defines the future
And investing in the future is exactly what the entrepreneur Helmut Fischer did when he transferred his entire company assets to a charitable foundation: at his own initiative and for the common good. He believes that the areas of science, research, education and art are not only the pillars of our society, they also deserve to be made accessible to everyone and given particular support – especially by those who have the means to do so.

Ranging from financial support for the "Jugend forscht" competition and the funding of special university professorships through to the preservation of artworks, the Helmut Fischer Foundation has a broad reach. Its rare interdisciplinary approach promotes cross-pollination between the fields of economics and culture, natural and social sciences, technology and art – indeed, between today and tomorrow.

Raw materials and milled parts made of aluminum, brass and steel for measuring instruments