Jugend forscht
"Jugend forscht" is Germany's best-known youth development competition. Its goal is to inspire young people to take an interest in the natural sciences, mathematics and technology, to stimulate talented youths and to assist them in their career planning.

The young researchers are motivated by high-value money and material prizes, as well as field trips and study visits. In this context, the Helmut Fischer Foundation supports the Jugendforschungszentrum Schwarzwald-Schönbuch e.V (Youth Research Center Schwarzwald-Schönbuch) with regular donations.

The Youth Research Center Schwarzwald-Schönbuch
The Youth Research Center Schwarzwald-Schönbuch is an invaluable resource to anyone who is curious, loves to experiment and has fun researching. The topics under study are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, the natural sciences, computer science and health. The young researchers are mentored in their difficult tasks by experts from universities, institutes of applied sciences, vocational schools and a wide range of companies.

Some of the annual donations the Helmut Fischer Foundation makes to the Youth Research Center Schwarzwald-Schönbuch also flows into the Nagold and Altensteig regional competitions.

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