Helmut Fischer

The Foundation Board

Helmut Fischer, Honorary President
In 2015, the entrepreneur, company owner and benefactor transferred his long-standing presidency to Kurt C. Reschucha; since this time he has served as honorary president of the Helmut Fischer Foundation.

Kurt C. Reschucha

Kurt C. Reschucha, President of the Foundation Board
The degreed business administrator from Esslingen was named Vice President of the Foundation Board upon its foundation in 2003; he became its President in 2015. For the past 30+ years, Kurt C. Reschucha has worked as independent auditor and tax adviser in his own practice (Reschucha & Partner), serving among others the Helmut Fischer Group.

Anni Karola Walther

Anni Karola Walther, Vice President of the Foundation Board
Anni Karola Walther, Helmut Fischer’s spouse, worked for decades at the Fischer company and is therefore well-acquainted with its corporate strategies. She has been actively involved in the Foundation's directorate for many years, during which time she managed its business and served as its proxy. Anni Karola Walther has been a member of the Foundation Board since 2015 and, since October 2015, its Vice President.

Dr. Harold Grüninger

Dr. Harold Grüninger, Member of the Foundation Board
A lawyer specializing in inheritence law, Dr. Harold Grüninger is a partner in the Zurich law firm Homburger AG. He is also co-editor of successio, a trade journal for inheritance law; he lectures and publishes regularly. Dr. Grüninger has been a member of the Foundation Board since November 2015.

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